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The premise of Duck Life is simple. Your farm has been destroyed by a tornado. You’re only left with a duck egg that hatches into this duckling. The only way you can get your farm back is to enter the duckling into a duck race, but you need to raise the little bird first in order for it to become a full-fledged champion duck. Play duck life online and experience the level-up system you’d see from an RPG or role-playing game mixed with the raising mechanics of the 1990s’ Tamagotchi game. Certainly feels more interactive than raising a Chia Pet or the 1970s’ Pet Rock. It’s an “old” title that’s been around since the 2010s (around 2013 and the like). It’s also filled with mini-games galore.

Raise the Duck with Mini-Games

Full Price: The full price for this relatively free title by MoFunZone Inc. is 99 cents. This allows you to get the whole nine yards of content, including custom content you’d have to sign up for in order to access it in the free version. The free version has everything you need in order for it to be a functional game though (unlike in today’s games where you pay for them and you’ll need to pay extra for its other parts as well). It’s a mobile and PC game you can control by mouse or touch screen too.

duck life

How to Raise a Little Duckling: The not-so-ugly duckling (it’s outright adorable, in fact) can be trained to fly, to run, and to swim. It has a quick plot using stock images, so the first impression it gives most gamers is that it’s a quick cash-in title with no effort put into it. However, as the game progresses and you grind the duck to an acceptable level to allow it to enter the race you’ll quickly see that the game shines in game play. It has hidden depths, entertaining mini-games, and loads of casual approachability.

Grinding and Leveling Up: Those who are familiar with RPGs might find the level grinding aspect of it to be quite the slog. However, the $0.99 Duck Life game is able to dodge such criticisms by shaking up and making the act of leveling up less repetitive through making the training the game. You’ll be doing things like dodge slow-moving rocks, collecting coins, swimming, raising energy, improving stats, and increasing skills. It’s like raising a pet or a child almost. Virtually.

Major Fans of RPGs Will Appreciate or Even Love This: Duck Life is a game that takes one of the most loathed aspects of role-playing games and makes it quite fun. Before entering dungeons and fighting dragon bosses, you need to level up your characters at an acceptable level. This is also true of the duckling at Duck Life who has to raise its stats first before entering the Beginner Races, Amateur Races, Expert Races, and World Championship races.

The Game Rocks

Sometimes, when it comes to mobile games, simplicity is best. The game itself might have taken all of 3 days to make as well. However, the act of leveling up the duck and seeing it change into a cool champion duck with its stats maxed out as it blasts through all sorts of races feels like a great accomplishment once you’ve gone through the gauntlet of training, so in many ways this is also like a sports game that makes the training montage the actual game.