More About Duck Life

Duck Life – Game of Addiction
Duck Life is one of the most popular games developed by MoFunZone.Inc on March, 8th 2013 and the game is available on the internet for download. This game is basically a duck training game with various mini-games to compete in different race events throughout the game. Earlier this game was available only for iOS users, but soon after its popularity, without any further ado, the game was rolled out for Android users as well. The makers of this game claim to have over 150 million plays internationally. Duck Life has won many international awards for its huge popularity and high downloads and thus making Duck Life the most sought-after game by game lovers of all age groups. In the next few years after the launch of Duck Life, the makers rolled out the series of DucK Life like Duck Life 2: World Champion, Duck Life 3: Evolution, Duck Life 4, Duck Life 5: Space and Duck Life 6: Treasure Hunt. In the first three games of the series, you need to train your duck by participating in mini-games and winning races. You also need to earn prize money and coins during these games so that you can purchase various gears for your duck. In Duck Life 4, you get a chance to train multiple ducks and challenge other ducks for races in six different available locations. And in Duck Life 5: it is more adventurous kind of simulation where you can find hidden treasures in the volcanoes. Now let us the features and playing instruction for each of these games one by one.
Duck Life: Origin
This is the first game in the duck life series where only one duck is left surviving when the whole place is burnt to ashes in the fire. Your objective in this game is to train your duck by participating in 15 different mini-games. Make the duck race against rival ducks and participate in other tournaments to win the race and collect points and at the same time make your duck equipped with new skills. You can also do various upgrades for your duck using the coins that you collected by defeating your rivals during the tournament events. And ultimately, your duck will race against the champion duck and be the supreme winner of the game.
Duck Life: World Champion
This is basically a sequel of the duck training saga. In this sequel to the game, you have to travel around the world like to Scotland, Egypt, England, Hawaii, and Japan to participate in the race events. These are exact places where you have to race with your ducks. Once you have completed all the events in the game, you will be called nothing less than a World Champion.
Duck Life: Evolution
After seeing the popularity of the game, the makers of this game added a flavor of technology into the game. In this game, you get a modified duck and you can further enhance its capabilities by training and buying gears. This game provides you advanced and professional levels which can be unlocked only when you have crossed a certain level.
Duck Life 4:
In this series of the game, the different training stages consist of 4 different mini-games, which must be completed to finish the training session. As the training session will progress, the gaming experience will get a little difficult as this is how this series is designed.
Duck Life: Space
Everything looks fine when all of a sudden an alien duck comes on the earth and steals your champion crown and flies back into space. Now it is time for you to train your duck for competition in space. You will enter duck racing tournaments on each world to win a trip to another planet and hence will take closer to your goal. The interesting thing is you can buy new members for your duck racing team. The ultimate goal is getting back your hard earned champion crown and return back to the earth. This is so exciting to see all this happening in some other world.
Duck Life: Treasure Hunt
As mentioned earlier, this is more an adventurous kind of simulation where you will explore different places with your duck to find treasures and beat your opponents and other treasure hunters.
All the games in Duck Life series are equally amazing to play and the same time so addictive as well. The most amazing thing about this game is that there is so much to do in this game. Keep playing Duck Life.